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Successfully navigating the divorce process requires specialized knowledge and experience.

I practice matrimonial law exclusively, having done so since 2007.

My professional objective is to help people get through the process with their life intact, financially and emotionally.

I favor reaching an amicable, out-of-court resolution whenever possible. In some instances, I recommend mediation to break an impasse; in others, I recommend direct negotiations. A one-size-fits-all approach does not work in this area of law. Different personalities and issues call for a tailored approach.

If a resolution cannot be achieved, then it's time to go to court. Divorce litigation can be unpleasant, but if your spouse is unwilling to be reasonable, you may have no viable alternative.

Divorce cases involve two main groups of issues: financial issues (property, alimony, taxation) and child-related issues (custody, access, support.)

For the financial issues, the key is to conduct discovery that meets the needs of the case. In a simple case, exchanging a sworn financial statement may be sufficient. In a more complex case, a more rigorous approach is required: document demands, third-party subpoenas, depositions. Perhaps a business valuation is part of the equation. If interested, check out what I've written here, here, and here.

For child-related issues, the lawyer must identify the client's objective and make a game plan accordingly. Consistency from day one through the day of trial is key. See here and here.

I represent a wide range of clients. I've represented many corporate lawyers, investment bankers, business executives, and the occasional doctor. I've also represented construction workers, military personnel, and restaurant employees.

Most of my clients earn $100,000 to $500,000 per year. Lower earners tend to go to a lawyer a little further down the food chain, while higher earners usually retain a larger firm.

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