Estate Planning and Divorce

I handle estate planning and some divorce matters in the New York area. I have been in practice for over 11 years.

Estate planning primarily involves preparing wills and living trusts for individuals and couples, along with power-of-attorney documents that become operative in the event of a person's mental incapacity. I charge reasonable, "flat fees" in most cases, ranging from $800 (simple will, single) to $2,500 (living trust, couple).

I also handle divorce cases that can be resolved without the necessity of appearing in court. I charge $250 per hour with a retainer usually ranging from $2,500 to $5,000. If you're unsure whether your case will go to court, one option would be to retain me to handle the exchange of financial information and prepare a draft settlement agreement. If negotiations break down and the case heads to court, I would hand the case off to a litigator and a do a knowledge-transfer at no charge.

In the spirit of full candor, please note that my principal office is located in Arizona; however, I travel to New York 5-6 times per year. With basic estate planning, it is not difficult to handle client intake, document drafting, and client review remotely; and then oversee the proper execution of the documents (will, living trust, etc.) when I am in the city. The same usually applies to a divorce that doesn't go to court.

A little information about me: I grew up in Tucson, Arizona and attended college at Stanford University. I worked for a few years as a consultant in Austin, Texas and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Later, I attended law school at the University of Arizona on a full scholarship, graduating magna cum laude. From 2007 to 2017, I practiced divorce and family law, handling cases primarily in New York County (Manhattan.) In 2017, I relocated to Arizona, where, how to put this, there is an abundance of estate-planning clients. For that reason, and because estate planning tends to be a more low-key, low-stress area of practice than contested divorce, I transitioned my area of focus.

Please take a moment to browse the website and consider whether I might be a good fit to help you with your legal matter. If so, please call my office. I look forward to meeting you.


Bradley H. Andrews, Esq.