The Consultation

At the initial consultation, I'll get to know your case and will give you my preliminary evaluation.

The consultation lasts 90 minutes and the fee is $300.

At the consultation:

  • You'll tell me about your situation in detail.

  • I'll explain to you what the relevant law is and apply it to your situation. For example, if there are issues surrounding an inheritance, deferred compensation, taxation, spousal maintenance, we'll go over the relevant facts and I'll discuss the possible outcomes.

  • If child custody is an issue, we'll discuss the procedure for resolving a custody dispute and the likely outcomes in your situation.

  • I'll explain the different approaches to family law matters (mediation, negotiation, litigation), and will give you my opinion as to how I think your case should be handled.

  • If appropriate, I'll make a referral to a mediator or other professional.

  • I'll explain how my legal fees work.

People sometimes ask what they should bring to the consultation:

  • In general, it's not necessary to bring anything; however, it may be helpful if you bring your last two or three tax returns, as this gives me a better ability to predict how the court will analyze the financial issues.

  • Additionally, if there's a particular point on which you seek advice and there are documents relating to that point, then, naturally, you should bring those documents.